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Surveillance Drone (VFX Asset)

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The Surveillance Drone from Eli's Quest Asset Pack is a highly detailed 3D model designed for use in sci-fi or Cyberpunk projects. It contains an autonomous drone and its home-station, which can host 2 drones for recharging. The model is created with great attention to detail and the UDIM workflow and 4k textures allow any close-up shot. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting, the Futuristic Surveillance Drone is easy to implement and a valuable learning resource for those interested in 3d modeling, texturing and rigging.

Please Note - This is a VFX Asset with a high polycount suitable for Sub-D Renderings
Polycount: 749.115 Tris (Drone) & 216.910 Tris (Station)
A Lowpoly/Gameready Version will be released soon separately

This package includes:

Maya Files - ready for Arnold (created in Maya 2022):

- Full Maya project
- Sub-d model with custom rig
- All textures in 4k

Blender Files (created in Blender 3.4)

- Sub-d model (no rig)
- All textures in 4k packed in Blender file

Unreal File (created in Unreal 5.1)

- Smoothed Model with FK Rig (Polycount: 3.024.802 Tris Drone & 876.928 Tris Station)
- All textures in 4k set up as materials


- 4K
- 2K
- Also includes a clean unbranded version!

Alternative Files

- FBX (FK rig included)

Future updates will include:

- Blender rigged Files
- Marmoset Version
- Unity Version


Our team is always here to help. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at


License Agreement:

You can use these assets for your personal or professional work. It’s prohibited to resell them or any part of it.


Release Notes:
VerNr: 1.0


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Surveillance Drone (VFX Asset)

7 ratings
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