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Cyberbike (VFX Asset)

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Introducing the Futuristic Cyberbike from Eli's Quest Asset Pack - a stunning addition to your sci-fi or Cyberpunk project. The model is created with great attention to detail and the UDIM workflow and 4k textures allow any close-up shot.

Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting, the Futuristic Cyberbike is easy to implement and a valuable learning resource for those interested in 3d modeling, texturing and rigging.

Please Note - This is a VFX Asset with a high polycount suitable for Sub-D Renderings
Polycount: 1.064.840 Tris
A Lowpoly/Gameready Version will be released soon separately

This package includes:

Maya Files - ready for Arnold (created in Maya 2022):

- Full Maya project
- Sub-d model with custom rig
- All textures in 4k

Blender Files (created in Blender 3.4)

- Sub-d model (no rig)
- All textures in 4k packed in Blender file

Unreal File (created in Unreal 5.1)

- Smoothed Model with FK Rig (Polycount: 4.533.608 Tris)
- All textures in 4k set up as materials


- 4K
- 2K

Alternative Files

- FBX (FK rig included)

Future updates will include:

- Blender rigged Files
- Marmoset Version
- Unity Version


License Agreement:

You can use these assets for your personal or professional work but it's not allowed to resell them or any part of these assets.



Our team is always here to help. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at


Release Notes:
VerNr: 1.0


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Cyberbike (VFX Asset)

7 ratings
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